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Staff and Volunteers

All staff are part-time and our office is manned Monday to Thursday.

Henrietta Ireland - Executive Director

Henrietta was the manager of a multi-agency youth offending team (YOT).  Her passion lies in working with and advocating for, families and children who may be isolated by and discriminated through disability or disadvantage.  As YOT Manager she obtained funding for specialist Speech and Language Therapy input, a successful innovation which was taken up UK-wide. Working closely with the speech, language and communication consultant has provided Henrietta with additional skills and understanding around the complexity of communication and language and its impact on educational outcomes and behaviour, she has also had direct experience of working with Deaf Young people. She strongly believes that every child has the right to access language and should be given the very best opportunity to achieve their maximum potential and be able to provide a positive contribution.

Debbie Hawke, Training coordinator, Team administrator

Debbie has had a wide and varied work life in between bringing up 2 children!  Her career has included paid posts arranging mortgages and working in the catering industry and two quite different self-employed businesses, fancy-dress hire (sold after 4 years when the costumes were in danger of taking over the family home) and a gardening business.

In addition she worked in a local community college for 6 years, mainly as a special needs teaching assistant but also teaching life skills to 14-year olds.  Debbie has worked for the Cued Speech Association since April 2008.  Click here to email Debbie.

Louise Creed, Office Manager - Finance, Fundraising and Training

Louise joined the charity in November 2008.  Louise has a background mainly focused in the hospitality, health and fitness industry, taking on many different roles and responsibilities.  She switched her attention to the IT world back in 1999  and has since spent many happy hours and days trying to make networks and software work!  After having her daughter and moving back to Dartmouth she can now be found in the Cued Speech office or leaping around a fitness studio teaching varying forms of exercise to music. Click here to contact Louise.

Cate Calder, Cued Speech Specialist and Lead Trainer

Cate is the Training Lead for Cued Speech UK and has worked for the charity since 2005. She teaches foundation, intermediate and advanced cueing skills and administers the exams. She also trains and supports the other cue tutors.

She has previously worked as a Sign Language Interpreter within education and community settings. She developed a love for Cued Speech when she was asked to train as a transliterator (cueing interpreter) for a deaf student back in 1995. She was deeply impressed by how skillfully and easily this profoundly Deaf student used the English language, in stark contrast to her clients who only used signing. This student had been cued to from an early age and was living proof that having visual access to the language of the home can enable a deaf child to fully internalize a spoken language and use it as fluently as anyone with ‘normal’ hearing. Since discovering that cueing can make spoken languages entirely visible and as easy to perceive as a signed language, Cate has been fully committed to raising awareness about this simple lip-reading tool, she also specialises in using it to teach literacy skills.

Tobin Broadbent - Publicity and Advocacy Lead  

Tobin has recently joined the Cued Speech team in the new role of publicity and advocacy lead. For two and a half decades Tobin has been working alongside deaf people to facilitate their equal and active contribution to society. Initially working as a communication support worker with deaf students, Tobin went on to work for several years as a sign language interpreter both locally and nationally, encountering deaf people in their myriad roles within the community and workplace. Tobin returned to deaf education and for the last nine years he has been teaching and tutoring deaf students in Devon. So many deaf children are not given the right opportunities to learn language fluently in the early years, leading to innumerable obstacles in later life.  Tobin is excited to be part of Cued Speech UK which aims to provide a better start for deaf children by making language visual.

Kathy Kenny - Family Support Practitioner  Kathy has been involved as a parent and a tutor with the Cued Speech Association for 10 years. She and Wayne have three daughters and their middle daughter Megan is profoundly deaf. Kathy is a musician and has been teaching in mainstream schools for 20 years. For the past two years she has home schooled Megan to help her with her language through using Cued Speech consistently. Kathy has recently joined the team in the new role of Family Support Practitioner. She is really excited about working alongside parents of deaf children to help them understand what Cued Speech is and to teach them to learn to cue.

Freelance tutors & advisers

We employ 5 freelance tutors UK-wide as needed for Cued Speech training courses, all of whom have at least Level 2 CS qualifications. Several of these tutors also help us, together with other Cued Speech users, on a freelance basis to help give presentations, man exhibition stalls and in our crèche. Freelance workers include Sarah Collinson and Cate Calder, detailed above, and:

Paul-Michael Coldham

Paul-Michael ColdhamPaul-Michael has been a Cued Speech tutor since 2002 and is the busiest of our tutors, teaching courses across the UK.  He holds the Level 1 and Level 2 certificate of proficiency in Cued Speech as well as teaching British Sign Language (Level 2 and 3).  In February 2009, he also gained his qualification at Level 4 NVQ in British Sign Language at Manchester City College.  He holds the City and Guilds 7307/1 Adult and Further Education Teacher Certificate, the new qualification ‘Preparing to Teach in the Life Long Learning Sector’ and is currently studying for the Certificate in Education at Lancaster University.

Paul-Michael has a slight hearing loss himself which can benefit from Cued Speech use, particularly in noisy settings, and his knowledge of the Deaf community assists him in promoting various aspects of Cued Speech tuition.  He teaches hearing and deaf people and has been able to promote the benefits of Cued Speech with Deaf-Blind adults through British Sign Language and hands-on signing.

He attends exhibitions and conferences on behalf of the Association and gives presentations about it.  He occasionally works as a Cued Speech Transliterator and would like to grow his skills in this area. From the outset Paul-Michael saw the simplicity and benefits that Cued Speech offers and hasn’t looked back since.  He and his partner Sarah, also a certified cuer, have a young daughter, Rhianne.

Emma Sadeghi

- says "Cued Speech gives parents back their child and their language.  it enables deaf children to take part fully and equally in family life, and gives them independent access to a whole world of knowledge and communication through literacy.  For a child growing up with Cued Speech, the sky is the limit." Emmabegan using Cued Speech to aid children of varied ages in her former job in Education.  Over time, she has become a highly proficient linguist, with five languages under her belt.  She is fluent is BSL, and can cue in three different languages: British English, German and French.  She can also cue in American English - an important feat when dealing with dialect nuances between the varying forms of English.  She has provided valuable service at Cued Speech Summer Camp, offering 1:1 BSL-medium tuition to young participants.

After giving birth to her son, Daniel, aged four, she gave up her job in the world of education, and is now a popular and well-trained Cued Speech tutor via Skype.

She resides with her husband, Soroush, and Daniel, and enjoys her time spent with her family when not contributing her time and expertise to the Cued Speech Association UK.  Next on her list of languages to master, Emma is currently learning to cue in Hewbrew, an important personal choice to celebrate her religious beliefs.

Carly Simpson

Carly is our freelance tutor from Newcastle. She first learned CS in 1990 at aged seven, passing her level one adult proficiency certificate later that year as the youngest girl in the country to pass with the highest level of excellence. Her desire to communicate with deaf children in her primary class prompted her love of CS, and she has worked hard to achieve the highest standard of work over the past 15 years. In 2012 Carly qualified as a level 2 Cued Speech instructor and now works closely alongside the Cued Speech Association UK to deliver training to families and professionals. She is the Director of AccessCS and is currently writing a series of books for children to use as a resource for the CS system.

As a Media Production Student at the University of Sunderland between 2010 and 2011, she gained great experience in visual arts, and thus attended the 2009 Cued Speech summer camp, where she produced an informative video on CS, titled ‘Spread the Word’ – which can be viewed here. She runs a toddler group in the Northwest of England called 'Me to you - Let's Cue!' aimed at18month to 3 years old children.  The group allows parents and children to see cueing in action, offers messy play and provides two words a week that parents can cue with their children.  It is fun, interactive and aims to raise awareness about CS and where information can be found.

Lindsey Henderson

As a psychology graduate Lindsey has a keen interest in language acquisition and development. After working overseas as an English teacher in Portugal and Indonesia she settled in New Zealand and managed an award winning Multi Sensory facility in Christchurch. Lindsey relocated back to the UK in 2007 and gained her BSL level 3 qualification while working as an instructor for Hearing Dogs for Deaf People. Lindsey discovered Cued Speech in 2017. She was amazed by the simplicity of the system and the access to spoken language it provides for deaf babies and children. Lindsey is a self taught Cuer, reaching level 2 standard within 6 months and has recently joined our team of freelance tutors. Since having her two daughters now aged 3 and 5 Lindsey has worked part time for a Website and Marketing Company. 

Karen Weir

Karen is a new member of our tutor team and she brings with her 20 years of experience working within deaf education. Karen combines her tutor role with her work providing direct in class support as a Deaf Inclusion Worker for deaf students who use Cued Speech and British Sign Language. Having previously managed a whole team of 20 CSWs, providing support across various schools, colleges and universities, she has a wealth knowledge about deaf education. Karen is also an examiner for the level 1 and 2 Cued Speech exams.

Kathy Kenny

Kathy has worked as a teacher for nearly 20 years, most recently as a music teacher and music coordinator in both primary and secondary settings.  After she and her husband learnt Cued Speech to support their daughter, she started to teach at Cued Speech summer camps 5 years ago, leading sessions with all the different groups from beginners to advanced levels.  Most of these sessions have focused on using Cued Speech in the home using games, phonics, books and music. 

Kathy’s qualifications include BMus Hons (Goldsmith’s college London, a Certificate in piano accompaniment (Trinity Music College), PGCE, BSL Level Two and Cued Speech Level Two. 

Additionally new trainer:

Vicky Hardy

Two of our trustees, Win Burton and Christine Cottam, as well as being trustees, provide tutoring to families in their respective areas, and should you wish to contact them, feel free to send an email to the Cued Speech office.


We have a team of 20 dedicated volunteers, both deaf and hearing, whose work includes teaching on our courses, helping at exhibitions, in our crèche and in our office, and by creating e-learning and other training materials, interpreting foreign research and fundraising.

One such volunteer is Andy Houghton who designed our 'learn to cue' website absolutely free.  Andy has over twenty years experience in teaching and training both in the UK and abroad which has given him a thorough understanding of learning and how to design effective learning materials.  More specifically Andy has been an Instructional Designer for over six years, working directly on e-learning projects and being involved in all levels and stages of the production process.  He firmly believes e-learning can provide learning opportunities which were not previously possible and has used animations to show how Cued Speech works.  He has recorded and edited video in his work with the Association. Andy has taught students in Honduras, Florida, Switzerland, Portugal, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Sultanate of Oman and Dorset.  Before he became a teacher he was a croupier.

Cued Speech UK is also tremendously grateful to our other volunteers who support and aid us on a regular basis.  Special thanks go out to Wayne Kenny, Angelo McCool, Zoe Mitchelle, Lee Fulwood, Sarah Collinson, Sue Tweed, Win Burton, Christine Cottam, Tanya Kenny, Elouise Rapp, Tracy Orpin, Mark Malley, Colin Beer, Anne Worsfold and the members of the Information Standard Group.

We always welcome any help that volunteers can give.  If you would like to help in the development of our charity, please contact us.