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Summer 2016

Issue 68

Do you have questions about Cued Speech?

New Skype Consultations


Do you want to find out more about Cued Speech (CS) in an informal chat with an experienced CS users?  Launching this month, we will be offering the option of a complimentary 20 minute Skype session with one of our tutors.  During this face-to-face consultation, you will be able to hear first hand from someone who teaches Cued Speech, who will answer all the questions you may have about using it and allows you the opportunity to get to know the system before picking the best course going forward for you and your family.  This Skype session affords you the chance to pick a convenient time and place, and will allow you to see the power of online resources which make training as easy and accessible as ever.

If you wish to know more about this service, or wish to book a free 20 minute consultation with one of our tutors, please email Debbie in the office, and she’ll be happy to help in any way she can.



Walk the Wight Challenge 

Early May Bank Holiday 2016

A HUGE thank you to Kris, Jono, Zoe and Leonnie, who raised £2876.01 for our charity.

Our Trustee, Christine Cottam, who has two adult deaf sons who were brought up with Cued Speech, writes:

When I heard that CSAUK had been approached by Kris, that he and a group of his friends were wanting to take on the IOW Challenge and that they wanted to do this to gain sponsorship for the Cued Speech Association UK, my son Ben and I decided to go to the IOW to support them.

Spread over two days and covering a total of 106km, Zoe, Leonnie, Kris and Jono set off from Chale in the south of the island and commenced a route predominantly along the coastal path.  With beautiful views, fine weather and a keen wind they set off, but anyone who has walked coastal paths will appreciate the ups and downs of this type of walking.

We met the group at Yarmouth in the northwest, after some six hours since the start, smiling in spite of having just passed through a downpour.  Cheering them on, we heard later in the evening that they had completed the first day at Cowes in the north, thirteen hours since the start.

Day two began at 6a.m. at Cowes. Weather was beautiful sunshine, again with a keen wind.

We met the group at Sandown on the east coast. Regrettably Jono had to opt out due to injury having nearly completed three quarters of the course. The others continued on with good humour and renewed heat pads, until completing the course back at Chale later that evening. A total of twenty-eight hours walking over the two days was not only a personal achievement for them all, but also raised the magnificent sum of £2,876.01 for CSAUK.

Advertised as a challenge, it certainly was and the determination to complete the course in spite of tiredness and injury was wonderful to see. Tired, sore and aching, they received their yellow t-shirts and medals.  Throughout, they kept their journey updated on Facebook and people continued to provide sponsorship.

As an organisation we rely on donations and are so grateful for their determination and spirit in completing the course.  Personally Ben and I were impressed and humbled by their determination to keep going.

Well done to them all and many thanks to all those who sponsored them.

Christine Cottam
CSAUK Trustee




Cued Speech in Devon

An article by Charlotte Lynch

Following on from her article in the spring newsletter, Teacher of the Deaf for Babcock Education’s Hearing Impairment Team in Devon, Charlotte Lynch, has written another article. Being deaf herself from a young age, she now plays an integral part of deaf education in Devon.  This article is an account of her journey learning Cued Speech, and passing on that knowledge to the kids she works with, giving them full visual access to the language of the home, education and society.

“Cued Speech fits in beautifully with a bilingual policy (English and BSL), and schools in Devon who have had the training are very enthusiastic, seeing the impact on deaf children’s progress. We have started to gather evidence of the progress of those children in schools where Cued Speech training has been delivered, and hope that this will further demonstrate the advantages of using it in educational settings..”

To read her full article, click here.

Deaf Adults

A case study

Cued Speech tutor, and long-time Cued Speech user, Paul-Michael Coldham, an adult with hearing loss, has taken the time to write about his experiences using Cued Speech, offering a unique perspective which can show adults the value of the system, even later in life.  This case study has been featured in one of our up-to-date printable information sheets, directed at deaf and deafened adults, and is available to download now.


“I found out about Cued Speech (CS) just over 14 years ago aged 24, something that I have not regretted. I was interested in the theory of conveying English totally through vision. I did feel a little dubious about it though.

On my foundation course (just 20 hours), I discovered how it was perfectly possible to convey English visually with CS. I had learned the whole system by lunch time of the second day, then all I had to do was practise. I found it so simple, I just absorbed it like a sponge with water.

I went on to teach CS, I attended exhibitions to promote it and later I gave presentations on it. CS is a subject really close to my heart.”

To read the full information sheet, and to read Paul-Michael’s full account, clickhere.



Cued Speech 50th Anniversary Conference

July 8-10th
Westin Tyson Corner Hotel
Falls Church, Virginia

In the coming month, Cued Speech Association Executive Director, Anne Worsfold, will be attending the international conference in Washington which celebrates 50 years of Cued Speech.  Anne is thrilled to have been recently told that she is to be given, at the conference, a Cueing Educator Award.
Check here for a full account of the conference, the awards and the world of cueing beyond our shores.

Calling professionals working with deaf children.

The Cued Speech Association UK is aware that some professionals working with deaf children have problems accessing the right training, and that the training the Association gives in ‘hard’ Cued Speech skills would be improved if professionals could also access training in how to use CS to language development.  We currently don’t have the resources to develop this.  Could you help to paint a picture of what training is needed by filling in this general survey from the Communication Trust about training and training needs for professionals working with children with speech, language and communication and speech, language and communication needs.  Please mention Cued Speech if you’ve been trained in it, or if you would like to train but are experiencing barriers to learning. 

Professional development survey and prize draw opportunity from The Communication Trust

Are you interested in entering a prize draw to win a £50 Amazon voucher? The Communication Trust is seeking the views of those who work with children and young people about their experiences of professional development opportunities around speech, language and communication and speech, language and communication needs (SLCN).

The Communication Trust has developed a short survey to gather the views of a wide range of professionals including teaching assistants, teachers, school leaders, school nurses, health visitors and early years practitioners. The Trust  want to hear from everyone, whether you've never had any CPD or initial training around children's communication, or have accessed a number of development opportunities in this area, your views are vital to their work.

Please follow this link before 15th July to access the short survey and enter the £50 Amazon voucher prize draw.

Once you've completed the survey, please do forward the link onto all of your relevant colleagues to help them gather as many views as possible.